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3 Relaxing Activities To Do In Khao Lak, Thailand – Our Traveler’s Guide

Once the summer hits the season, people across the world are packing up and flying off to exotic countries where tan lines and fun times await them. Thailand is one of the most popular destinations as it offers different versions of paradise depending on your vacation style - from adventurous to relaxing.

Khao Lak, in particular, is a go-to favorite among travelers who are in search of a holiday getaway that focuses on peace and nature. The island offers an oasis with its serene and stunning beaches with a panoramic view of the Andaman Sea.

Meanwhile, the sparkling coastline boasts of a breathtaking backdrop of a lush, mountainous landscape dotted with exotic facilities, resorts, and pristine national parks. Conversely, if you’re looking to maximize a peaceful holiday, the guide below should help you find relaxing activities under the sun:

Tip #1: Go Sunbathe at Biang Niang Beach

Set a few kilometers north of Bang La On, Biang Niang Beach offers a slice of heaven where the quiet coastline is lined with miles on end of powdery sands and palm trees. It also offers an undisrupted view of the Andaman Coast, while the open skies make it one of the most relaxing places to lounge back and catch sunsets.

If you’re looking for a serene beach to sit back and soak in the sun, Biang Niang Beach is one of the best spots to visit in town. If you ever end up craving to inject some high-octane energy after a peaceful afternoon, there is a colorful outdoor market and neon-clad bars a few kilometers away in the center of the town.

Tip #2: Take a Relaxing Dip in Khao Lak’s Tong Chong Fa Waterfall

Khao Lak is brimming with waterfalls, most of which boast of having an ethereal, natural beauty. One of the closest and most popular is the Tong Chong Fa waterfall, where you can take a refreshing dip in the cascading waters all-year-round.

In addition to being surrounded by dense forestry and cool, emerald waters, taking a swim in Tong Chong Fa promises to revitalize your senses and offer a relaxing reward after a one-kilometer hike. It also makes for one of the most postcard-perfect snaps!

Tip #3: Go On a Relaxing Exploration in Pha Nga Bay National Park

If you’re craving to mix a peaceful experience and adventure all in one go, hopping on a tour around Pha Nga Bay is the way to go. You can either use a speedboat, kayak or even hire private boat tours when exploring the unique karsts formations, evergreen mangrove forests, and inspiring glimpses of the Suwan Khuha Cave Temple and the all-time-popular James Bond Island.

The Bottom Line

Khao Lak was once a small local fishing village that has now turned into one of the most go-to destination spots for vacationers who want to unwind in a tropical paradise.

After making the most of Khao Lak’s natural beauty and fun-filled excursions, you can extend your relaxation in Eden Beach Resort, wherein you can end the day in one of their reputable wellness spas. We’re a luxury resort in Khao Lak, get in touch today to book your stay.