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4 Amazing Activities You Can Enjoy In Khao Lak

If you're looking for the ultimate getaway for the summer, consider heading to Khao Lak! With its pristine natural surroundings and unmatched relaxing atmosphere, it is one of the best places you can ever go to for your vacation!

From exotic beaches to boutique resorts, Khao Lak has everything you’ll possibly ever need. However, what Khao Lak has that not many other places have is its fantastic set of national parks that will satisfy any nature lover’s heart.

In this article, we will share with you four amazing activities that you can enjoy in Khao Lak:

1. Explore a temple

If you are looking for spiritual revival, why not pay a visit to one of Khao Lak’s Temple? While you don’t have to become a Buddhist to enjoy what the temple has to offer, what it does give is a chance at learning the religious way of life of the locals.

We recommend that you visit the Wat Tham Temple, where you’ll find a reclining Buddha. Just a few kilometers away from the temple is Wat Tham Village that is filled with hospitable people who are more than happy to welcome you.

2. Enjoy the beach

When you travel to Thailand, the first place you should visit is its beaches, especially if you’re in Khao Lak! There, you surround yourself with lush trees, warm sun, soothing sands, and the genuinely stunning Andaman Sea. You have many activities to enjoy at the beach, from swimming to snorkeling to sandcastle-building and even jogging; what you want to do is all up to you!

3. Visit a waterfall

If the beach isn’t your cup of tea, but you still want to take a dip in natural waters, why not visit a waterfall instead? Khao Lak is filled with them, with many waterfalls filling its rainforests, and some of them being more famous than others.

If you want to visit a waterfall, we highly recommend going to the Chong Fah Waterfall. Not only is the waterfall itself majestic to see, but the surrounding lush forests add to the natural and relaxing atmosphere Khao Lak is so well known for!

4. Trek through a jungle

If you’re the adventurous type and want to enjoy a good hike, pay a visit to Khao Lak National Park. There, you will discover one of the oldest rainforests ever to exist. Within this forest, you’ll also discover many different things, from waterfalls to wildlife.

If you don’t want to explore the place all by yourself, there are tours you can take part in. They’ll bring you to through the best parts of the forest, giving you the fullest experience of what the national park has to offer.


There are many activities to enjoy during your trip to Khao Lak. From relaxing at the beach to venturing through the jungles, all the experiences you’ll gain in this beautiful area will become lifetime memories.

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