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4 Tips To Greatly Enhance Your Beach Trip Experience

Have you been working for months on ends without taking a break? Do you long for a time when you can get out and enjoy your day? Well, plan your next upcoming holiday and take a trip to the beach! While a beach trip is exhilarating, there are many ways you can significantly enhance this experience.

Here are four tips to greatly enhance your beach trip experience:
1. Apply sunscreen

It is a no-brainer that everyone should pack sunscreen if they’re going anywhere that’s sunny, and that includes the beach. The last thing that you ever want to ruin your fun is a tomato-red skin that stings and forces you to stay locked away in your room, trying to fix the damage.

Not only should you remember to bring your sunscreen, but also bring one that’s at least SPF 30. You can go higher, but 30 is the minimum you’d want to opt for if you’re going to avoid getting sunburned. Also, apply it every time you finish swimming. Though the sunscreen might be labeled as waterproof, some of it will still have washed off in the waters.

2. Ditch the ice

When you’re bringing your coolers to store your fruits and drinks in, don’t use ice. They’ll melt away, and even faster if the fruits and drinks aren’t even cold in the first place. Plus, they take up space that you could have used to store even more food.

Here’s what you should be doing instead. Freeze your fruits, cool your drinks, and stuff them all into your icebox, nothing more than that. In doing so, your fruits, and beverages will stay cold for much longer, not to mention that you can store even more food to keep you up and running throughout the day and rewarding you with an icy-cool break.

If you didn’t fill your cooler to the brim, you could fill the small gaps with some ice if you so wish. However, if you do have plenty of space still, we highly recommend that you freeze a sponge full of water instead. They’ll take a lot longer to melt, meaning that your food items stay cold for much longer.

3. Bring plastic bags

You’ll never know when you need plastic bags. Whether you must throw your fruit peel, your empty cans, or even put away your sandy clothes so that you won’t ruin the car, these plastic bags can do it all. They’re multi-use, and we’re sure you’ll find a creative way to use them once you arrive at the beach.

4. Bring powder

If you’ve ever been to the beach before, you know how annoying it is to find sand everywhere, especially on your skin. What makes it worse is that it seems no matter how many times you brush the sand off, there will always be sand left clinging on your skin.

A straightforward solution to this significant problem is to put baby powder all over your skin. The powder will absorb all the excess moisture from the skin, making de-sanding your body headache-free and straightforward!

Wrapping up

A beach trip is enjoyable, especially if you haven’t been out in a long time. That said, some things can happen during the trip that can hamper with the experience, such as sunburn, sandy bodies, and, worst of all, a rumbling tummy. Remember to pack your sunscreen, your favorite snacks, and drinks, as well as your baby powder before you head out to the beach!

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