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Our Etiquette Guide For A Successful Beach Wedding

The wedding is one of if not the most beautiful and memorable event in any individual's life. It is the time when promises are exchanged, and the couple officially pronounced as husband and wife.

With a wonderful time such as this, you may be planning your wedding in a stunning location, such as the beach. Of course, you might have a rough idea of what to do at weddings, since you might have already attended many weddings in churches and different venues. A beach wedding, however, is a little different from the others. More specifically, beach wedding etiquettes are different from those in more “formal” venues.

That said, here are four etiquettes to know for a successful beach wedding:

1.Inform your guests

When you’re planning a beach wedding, especially one that will be held outside of your locality, your friends and family might have to fly to reach the place.

While you won’t be forced to pay for anyone’s accommodation or transportation, you should still inform your guests early on regarding the possible places to stay and modes of transportation near your wedding location. That way, the guests will be able to make the proper plans to enjoy your wedding ceremony fully.

2.Be cautious with wildlife

Remember, your beach wedding will be surrounded by nature, and it is only fair to assume that wild animals might surround the area as well.

Be very aware of which months of the year you decide to have your wedding. For example, in some parts of the world, certain months are nesting seasons for turtles. With that in mind, always do ample research about the prospective wedding location. Find out what wildlife might be roaming the area or may cover the beach during the time of your wedding. That way, you can take the necessary precautions to keep you, your guests, and the animals safe.

3.Opt for casual wear

The beach is the last place you want to ever think of wearing formal attire. While that is still possible, it isn’t exactly the most comfortable and appropriate type of clothes anyone can wear, especially while at the beach.

Generally, if you’re going to a tropical beach to hold your wedding, you won’t have to worry too much about going formal. While you and your partner might still be sporting a gorgeous attire, let your guests know that they won’t have to wear anything close to you. Tell them to feel free showing up with sandals, t-shirts, shorts, and whatever else they deem comfortable on the beach. Remember, feeling comfortable and good is more important than looking good, especially when surrounded by such a beautiful setting.

4.Don’t own the beach

Unless you bought the whole beach throughout your wedding period, always remember that most beaches are open for public use. This means that your wedding will be surrounded by strangers and spectators watching the ceremony. When taking pictures or walking around, keep in mind that you will have to deal with those people as well. That said, be kind to everyone and thank them if they come and congratulate you. Don’t forget to clean up after the ceremony is over as well.

While a beach wedding might be different from a typical indoor wedding, it by no means is any less special! In fact, beach weddings are genuinely astonishing, thanks to the stunning surrounding nature that will make this ceremony much more special. To that end, remember these etiquettes when you plan for a beach wedding. As a result, you ensure that everyone will have a good time and that you will have a memorable beach wedding. We’re a luxury resort in Khao Lak, get in touch today to book your stay.